Grey Rock

The city of Grey Rock is the oldest city in the world, Founded by Xareth the 1st. Created to defend against other Goblins, and built to be able to hold against the forces of the occasional landslide.

An ambassadorial building was built after the discovery of the Dwarves. During the Underground War, however, this building was converted into a temporary training facility for the Goblin strike force known as the “Tunnel-poppers”.

After the Underground War the Thri-Kreen built a landing pad for their airships so that trade could be established with both the Goblins and sometimes the Dwarves.

During the Demon Wars, when the races united, the Goblins used Grey Rock to train their “Stormer squad” and Elite group of Goblins who’s duty was to protect Xareth the 125th during his charge.

Today the City of Grey Rock stands as proud as ever with its borders expanding constantly. It has 3 set of walls. The inner protecting the traders, ambassadors, and palace. The outer wall protects the middle classed citizens. And the peasant wall protects the farmers and the slums.

Grey Rock

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